Energy and Logistics


Africquest Group is a player in the petroleum wholesaler industry and Logistics (Registered Import and Export Agent) the company was founded in 2015. The core values of integrity, customer satisfaction and quality assurance form the bedrock upon which the fundamental existence of the company is built. 

We are always on the path to be the leading, respected, reputable South African Logistics drivers and wholesaler of petroleum products and services in the high growth sectors of the economy that satisfies the needs of the target market and delivering acceptable returns to our shareholders.

Africquest Group seeks to build bridges and form long lasting strategic partnerships with already established, reliable and reputable suppliers.

Key Logistics Services Offered :

  • – Registered Import and Export Clearing Agent, Clearing and Forwading
  • – Door to door international courier/parcel service along with international express delivery
  • – Same day delivery services Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • – Customs brokerage
  • – Warehousing Services
  • – Shipping and Refrigerated Container Sales
  • – Goods and Service Procurement on behalf of Client


Team Members





Our Core Services

Logistics Services

We are a registered import and export agent and we offer a comprehensive ‘International Courier Service’ solution to any country worldwide. Africquest is capable of providing door to door collection & delivery services all over the world. .

Oil & Lubricants

At Africquest Group we understand and believe that every person has the right and access to clean, efficient and safe sources of energy, but the right to superior and quality petroleum products from reliable and reputed organisations.

Information Systems

Information Systems & Services provides the procurement and support functions for integrated information and communication services across different orginizations.

Question & Answer

How do u manage fuel storage?

Adherence to legislative requirements contained in the Petroleum Products Amendment Act 2003 and when appropriates other appropriate legislation following industry best practice.

How do you manage fire risks?

 Keep all escape routes and fire exits clear and make regular checks to ensure that this is the case.  Clear rubbish regularly (remember sand used for cleaning or containing petrol spills will be flammable and should be disposed of safely, by a hazardous waste disposal company if necessary).

Hazardous Substances procedures?

 Store all hazardous chemicals in their original containers.  Obtain information on all substances stored and used in the premises from manufacturers’ hazard data sheets.  Train staff and provide appropriate protective clothing.

How do you ensure quality transportation?

 Devise a safe system of traffic movement, e.g. a one-way system for entering and exiting the forecourt.  Display clear information/warning signs setting out the traffic control arrangements.  Provide sufficient designated parking areas close to the shop and away from the pumps.  Provide mechanical protection to vulnerable structures such as fuel tanks and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage areas.

Latest News about our Industry

Container Sales

We offer top of the range reefers perfect for various industries that need to transport products that need to remain cold throughout the trip to keep it fresh.Our Reefer shipping containers are available for sale and rent (long-or short-term) with tailor made leases designed to suit your needs. Various industries require food produce and other products to be kept safe at certain temperatures during transit or storage. That’s why Africquest Containers Reefers are thermostatically controlled and maintained to the highest of standards. Therefore, they are suitable for the storage of all foods and drinks as well as several other applications.


At Africquest Group we understand and recognize that the petroleum industry has a duty towards the consumer. Not only do we believe that every person has the right and access to clean, efficient and safe sources of energy, but the right to superior and quality petroleum products from reliable and reputed organisations. Superior quality products and services-We provide our customers with safe, clean, efficient energy solutions that comes with value added services. We will also provide courteous, prompt, and dependable service. The company fosters a reputation for timely service delivery and competent staff, and intends to build upon that. Competitive rates-We will provide competitive rates for our customers and our rates will be tailor-made for each specific market that we target so as to enable the business to break-even and meet both our short and long term obligations. Supply Chain – We supply in All Zones of South Africa and Southern Africa at Large, Our refineries Span from all over the world upholding standards of all markets including those in South Africa. .